This section will feature all animation materials which will include cels, douga, genga, rough sketches and timing sheets.  I will add actual cels last.  Most of what I have are copies of genga, douga and drafts, but I do have some actual originals.

      Celluloid or cellulose acetate (aka cels) are what is used to make animated media.  A cel is an acetate sheet that has an outline (and sometimes shading) on one side and paint on the other to make the colored image.  These are then put in sequential order and filmed by a special camera.  Cels can range in price, and what makes a cel expensive is not only dictated by what is in the cel, but also how rare the cels from that media are (some studios do not release their cels for sale, or only let out a few).  A animation cel may or may not come with its matching douga (the drawn image that was used to make the cel).  rarely, it will come with not just its douga but also various rough drafts, genga (rare concept sketch from a main animator) or even timing sheet (what sequence should e used where) and production folder.

NOTE:  I will try to list the series by their original name (when applicable), followed by its English localization and Kanji/Kana (for Japanese titles) when possible (can find/know it).  Some series don't need a translated name at all (already in English, or they use the English part of the series name).  I will try to list them as clear as possible to make finding them easier, though some series will be tricky due weird localization choices (which I'll probably stick with the Japanese name).  I easily could have missed some especially if I only know them by their localized name.

    Please see the rules section if you wish to order or trade for a copy of any of the genga, douga, sketches or timing sheets listed (cels are Not available at this time).  Cels that I will be selling can be found on the for sale page.