Fire Emblem Turn Marker Cards

    This page contains all of the turn marker cards that I have for the Fire Emblem trading card game.  I hope to find pictures of all of the different turn markers, though I am not sure exactly how many were made. If you happen to have pictures of turn markers that I do not have, please e-mal them to me so that I can add them to the page. This page may take a while to load.

I have no clue how you got most of the turn marker cards, for I picked mine up at auctions, or were given them as 'bonus' cards when I ordered some of the card boxes.

Turn Markers
From the Series 1 Starter Kit Deck

TM  A side A TM A side B TM B side A TM B side B 

From Series 1 artwork


From Series 3 artwork


From Series 4 artwork

Box Artwork

From the Anniversary Series Artwork

Yurius Arvis Sukasaha Asvel Misha Fin Sigurd Ayra Sara

From Series 5 Artwork

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Sheeda Navarre Jorjue Abel Kain Paora

From Series 6 Artwork

Posted Image
Box Artwork Minerva

Calendar Cards 2005

January - February March - April May - June July - August September - October November - December
Mars & Sheeda Kain & Able Paora, Est & Katua Jourje & Ryan Maria & Minerva Tiki & Cheine

Pictures of Turn Markers I do not have
will be added eventually