Fire Emblem Trading Cards Skill Translation List

This page has a listing of all the skills found on the Fire Emblem (and eventually Fire Revolution) TCG cards.  This has the translation decision notes along with the variations that the skills could be translated to and the localized counterparts (when applicable).  Given that most of the skills function differently in the older games (and in the card game) then the more recent games, I will not be using the localized names for the skills to avoid confusion (and in some cases, the localized names do not make sense) and because the localizations are taken from the games released in the US (mostly 9/10), which does not include the games that the TCG was based off of. The skill ability descriptions may be added at a later date.

Skill Kanji Translated Skill name NA Localized Translations
追撃 Pursuit -
祈り Prayer Miracle
怒り Wrath Wrath
待ち伏せ Ambush Vantage
大盾 Great Shield Pavise
連続 Continuation Adept
必殺 Critical -
突撃 Assault -
流星剣 Shooting Star Sword ~Astra 
月光剣 Moonlight Sword ~Luna
太陽剣 Sun Sword ~Sol
見切り Awareness Nihil

追撃 - Pursuit
    Literally 追撃 means to pursue, or to chase.  The most common translation is pursuit (plus is sounds better than pursue) and it is also the translation that fan patches for the FE games use, so this skill will be translated to Pursuit.

祈り - Prayer
    祈り is translated to praying, to pray, prayer, or to wish for something.  Praying is odd for a skill name, pray doesn't sound as good as prayer, and prayer sounds better than calling it wish. I can kind of see why kanji meaning to pray or wish was translated as Miracle, given what the skill does (though the FE4 skill does function in a slightly different manner). Prayer is also the translation that the fan patches use, so I am going with Prayer for this skill.  

怒り - Wrath
    怒り is to get angry, anger, or wrath. Given Wrath sounds better (especially in a war game), is used a the fan translations and is the official localized translation, I am going with Wrath.

待ち伏せ - Ambush
    This long one just means ambush.  I am not sure where the localization got Vantage (I guess one needs a good vantage point to ambush someone...), but I am going with the actual translation of Ambush.

大盾 - Great Shield
盾 is shield and 大 is big, large or great. Big shield and large shield don't sound as good to me as great shield, so I will be using Great Shield as the name of this skill.  I do not know where the localization of Pavise came from for this kanji.

連続 - Continuation
    連続 can mean serial, consecutive, occurring in succession or continuing.  I was torn between consecutive, continue and continuation.  I choose Continuation for the skill name for it sounds better than consecutive and continue is a little awkward.  This was localized to Adept (no clue where they got that from), but I will stick with Continuation (though if people would rather have it continue, let me know).

必殺 - Critical
    必殺 actually means deadly or certain kill.  In FE4 and 5, this skill let the unit have the ability to critically hit someone (normally units could not crit. in those games) and was fan translated to Berserk.  In the TCG it lets the unit deal double damage, which would be a critical attack in most FE games. I couldn't' find a localization for this, so I am going to call it what it does as opposed to the literal translation (though getting hit with a critical attack will kill most opponents)
.  So this skill will be called Critical.

突撃 - Assault
    Another skill without an official localization (at least I couldn't find one), that means assault, attack or charge. Attack just sounds lame for a skill name and charge would be too confusing (to charge up or charge attack), so I am going with Assault (plus it sounds good as a skill name). I believe that this is also the fan translation name for this skill as well.

流星剣 - Shooting Star Sword (Ryuuseiken)
    流星 can be shooting star, meteor, or falling star.  To me, meteor sword and falling star sword do not sound as good as shooting star sword, so I am going with Shooting Star Sword for this skill name.  I can't remember if it was meteor or shooting star for the fan translations, but I do know that the localization for this kanji (sans the sword kanji) is Astra (astra means star).

月光剣 - Moonlight Sword (Gekkouken)
    月光 can be translated to moonlight or moonbeam.  Moonbeam sword does not sound that good, so Moonlight Sword will be the translation for this skill (plus it's the fan translation used as well).  This was localized to Luna (FE9/10 has 月光, so no sword kanji), which is the name of the Moon.

太陽剣 - Sun Sword (Taiyouken)
    太陽 is translated as sun or solar, and solar sword sounds a bit silly (well, unless you are playing exalted.).  This was localized to Sol (like the other two, the sword kanji was not used in FE9/10), which is understandable, given 太陽 means the sun (and our sun's name is Sol). Since Sol sword sounds even sillier than solar sword, I am going with Sun Sword for the skill's name (plus it is also the same translation used in the fan translations).

見切り - Awareness
   見切り literally translates to abandonment, or giving up. (I think this refers to the opponents having to “give up” or “abandon” their skills when facing a unit with this skill.  Fan translations of FE4 and 5 have translated this to alertness probably saying the unit is aware of their surroundings so the special skills can’t be used against them.  If this is the case, then awareness (being aware of what is going on around you) fits better than alertness (being ready/alert), so I went with Awareness as the name of this skill.  In FE9/10, this skill (with slightly different negation properties) is called Nihil.  Because the two skills function differently (one negates critical attacks, the other does not), I will refer to this one as Awareness unless a better reason can be given.  The other option is to call this Abandon, but I didn't think it sounded as good as awareness.