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       Settei (aka model sheets) are the reference images that animators or mangaka use when they create Animation Cels or manga/comics.   Shading sheets are used to get the shading and highlighting of the character correct, where as Color sheets/color charts or actual Model cels are used for the exact colors of paints that are used to color the character.  
      This site contains all the Settei (or Studio Cels or any other strange name that people sometimes [miss-] label them) that I have.   These are sheets from animated shows, shorts and movies.  I may make a separate page for the cartoons if I get a lot of them, but for now they will be with the anime sheets, but as a separate section bellow.  If any studio asks me to not make copies for people, then I will comply and make those pages as galleries of what I have.  I know that the Japanese studio's don't really care, but US companies might, so I will comply with their wishes.
    Settei can be copied in black and white/grayscale or color and will be available to purchase as black and white/grayscale, or color copies.  I have a several colored settei sheets (plus 3 model cles!) and  many shading/shadowing (and partial color) sheets, which are available as color copies with the option for grayscale versions if you prefer them instead of color.  I will assume that all set and series orders are just as the set is unless otherwise specified (so mixed color and black and white where applicable - labeled C if it contains any type of color sheets and the names of colored sheets will be in blue ). If you only want a few sheets, please specify if they are to be in grayscale or color if they are originally in color!  Also all sheets are A4 sized unless otherwise specified.     
       The only reasons that I will have any of them as purchasable downloads are for any sets that I no longer have the studio sets, for super hard to find/extremely expensive sets or for oversized sets that are expensive to make copies. Settei tends to be expensive (I tried to get some for Rayearth OVA, but I was outbid and didn't want to spend over $200 to get only 40 sheets...) and have to be ordered from Japan in most cases, making them hard to find (and acquire).  So if you want an inexpensive (and easy) way to get your hands on a few of these, you can either e-mail me about the trading option or about ordering the sheet(s) (digitally or physically) that you want. You really don't want to know how much I have spent on some of these.....

      Settei acquired through trading on settei.net will have a link to settei.net's page containing those settei sheets (trades from other people have the option to have a link to your website added).  If you want a series (or sheets from a series) that I do not have listed here as traded for, let me know, and if I have points left, I can trade for those sheets to make you a copy (this option is for physical copies or for trades if you don't want to trade through settei.net).  I can also take requests for series that I don't have that are not on settei.net, but I may not be able to find them or they may be too expensive to get.

Note: For any series/set title in Burgundy, the Studio set is for sale (currently: Tokko, Gantz, Mai Maid, Gilgamesh) or has been sold (Hamtaro & X genga in the digital section). 
*Please use the name under the picture for requests when mixing and matching individual sheets.