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Aquantis' Art Work

Slowly being worked on!
I will accept commisions! just e-mail me at for details. I will sell prints of my cels (or my sketches) for $2.00 per print Plus shipping of $3.85 priority mail in the US (for outside shipping costs, e-mail me). If you order more then 5 prints (same or diffrent), then they only cost $1.50 each. all prices are in US dollars. If you are interested in purchasing one of my hand painted cels, then e-mail me with an offer. I prefer to be paid through paypal, but I ask you that you pay for your order all at once (for I get charged a small fee for each transaction). I accept credit card only through paypal. I also acept money orders. Note: I still retian the copyright for all images I sell (except for the fanart, which the orginal artist hold the copyright for). I also sign all cels that I make and will sign the prints upon request.

Aquantis' art work on Elfwood

Cels 3mm
Cels 5mm
colored sketches
My Original art
My cels 3mm
My cels 5mm
My colored sketches
My sketches
*Airei Cels 003
*Airei Cels 005
*Airei coloerd sketches
*Airei sketches
art for Hopehave
random colored works
random sketches
Claimed works
*Airei is everything that relates to the comic that I'm (still) creating called Airei
I own the copyright to all of my original artworks and the works done for Hopehaven Weyr under the pen name Aquantis. you may use these images on your webpage as long as you give me credit for them (atleast mention me, if not link back to this page). If you would like to use these for a profit making orginisation, please contact me!

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