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    This page will feature scans of the various Clow Card and Sakrua Card sets that I have.  I wish I could get my hands on the few Japanese sets I'm missing (the Electronic Sakura Card book and deck, The card that comes with the rod of sealing, and the other Japanese Clow Card set).  The other card that I have been searching for, but have thus far not found is The Nothing card.  I have seen a picture of it, so it should exist, but I have been unable to find one (I did get the Hope card by buying the Japanese DVD for the second movie: The Sealed Card).

Information on the Clow Cards, and Sakura Cards   (in progress)
Tarot meaning Thank you Elliot-san!!
I have the Deluxe Clow Card Japanese box set (cost me $65 :(.....):
The box and instruction manual
          The clowcards Japanese boxset for download  
Mini cards from this set
          Large scans of the manual for download
The Sakura cards boxset for download (I think that this is the official Chinese version)
The US Clowcards  
Another US set          (the cards varied slightly in color from set to set)

My Custom Clow Cards (I Painted a few Clow Cards as a prop for an RPG I ran.  I needed to make them a full tarot deck, so I had to make some)

Bootleg Cards found on Auction:
Sakura card set - bootleg
Clow card set - really good bootleg with magnetic box
Sliding book clowcards bootleg variation on this set
Red foil box bootleg set
Clowcard bootleg set with no numbers variation of this set
Red box Character cards
Green box character cards

here's a listing of the Clow Cards and the powers and personalities that I've observed from watching the first 19 episodes and from reading the first two chapters of the manga.

Clow Cards: Powers and Personalities   (still needs to be finished....I just don't have the time right now)
1. The Windy: a gentle card that will return to her card form when asked or even on her own. one of the four strongest Clow Cards. Power: wind.
2. The Shadow: ? Power: can manipulate shadows as long as shadows are present.
3. The Illusion: likes to make illusions without regard to the safety of those who see her illusions (like leading them off a cliff) and each individual see what they expect to see (regardless of how many are there, they'll each see something different). Power: creates illusions.
4. The Flower: a gentle and playful card that like large gatherings like marathons but does not realize that her dancing to create flowers for the events can be harmful to those she's making them for. Power: creates flowers.
5. The Mist:
6. The Storm: ? Power: ?
7. The Float:  ?  Power: will float a small group to desired location.
8. The Fight:
9. The Song:
10. The Shot:
11. The Sweet:
12. The Freeze:
13. The Arrow:
14. The Light:
15. The Twin:
16. The Wood: this is a sweet and nice card that will remain in card form unless The Rain waters her and then she will grow to reach the light (even inside of a house). Power: creates a big tree.
17. The Shield: likes to protect the most precious thing around (some object that is only priceless to the owner type thing) and the only way to remove shield is to cut it with the sword.  Power: can shield specified targets against specified threats.
18. The Power: This is the prideful card who is very proud of her strength and has to prove that she's stronger than everything else, so the only was to capture her is to challenger her to a contest of strength and win.  Power: great strength.
19. The Loop:
20. The Mirror:
21. The Big:
22. The Change:
23. The Firey:
24. The Voice:
25. The Lock:
26. The Cloud:
27. The Dark: 
28. The Watery: a somewhat aggressive card that tried to drowned several people and animals that had to be frozen to be caught. one of the four strongest Clow Cards. Power: water
29. The Rain: a playful card that likes to fool around and play pranks buy raining on things she shouldn't. Power: can rain at different intensities in one location and if asked to will create a rainbow afterwards (location can vary in size).
30. The Jump: a stupid but aggressive card that likes plush animals and can jump real high. Power: jump super high.
31. The Silent: likes quite places like museums and will place anyone who makes a noise outside of the building. Power: ?
32. The Time: like to play with the largest clock in town and mess with time, can slow and speed up time and once per 24 hours at midnight can reverse a whole day. Power: to temporally stop time.
33. The Erase: likes to hide as mist and then erase all who come near it (erase as in they disappear (also can erase memories of being disappeared). Power: ?
34. The Sleep:
35. The Return:
36. The Dash:
37. The Create:
38. The Bubbles:
39. The Wave:
40. The Sand:
41. The Fly: a gentle card that can be a small or huge bird and if injured acts like a wild animal. Power: Flight by sprouting wings on an object (or possibly a person).
42. The Thunder: an aggressive card that likes to jump from cloud to cloud and strike at the ones who try to capture it. Power: ?
43. The Sword: an aggressive card that tries to take over a person and then attack that person's friends (unknown if this is because they were trying to capture it or not). Power: expert swordsman when wielding it.
44. The Glow: a gentle passive card that likes to make trees and such glow during festive occasions. Power: ?
45. The Move: this card likes to move sought after objects around so that the ones seeking can't find them. Power: ?
46. The Little:
47. The Maze:
48. The Snow:
49. The Through:
50. The Libra:
51. The Dream:
52. The Earthy:

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