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Vidoe Clips!

I'll have video clips and anime openings here plus my music videos. (Though I'm not so sure that they are very good...).

so here's my first MV to the music of Ai no Senshi. This video has clips from several different anime in it. I know the video is a bit choppy, because I encoded it at 10 FPS. The next video I'm working on will be at 15 FPS.

Ai no Senshi It's an rm (I fixed it) -12mb
Ai no Senshi AMV as an avi -48mb

my second AMV to the music of Dare.
Dare (as a rm) -13mb
Dare as an avi -66mb

Video game clips
Fire Emblem clips (cut sequences & FMV's)

Rarsoft: This is the program that I used to compress files. to download it go here.
DivX : this is for the newest version of DivX. I used this to compress the avi files.
virtual dub: an avi editing tool that I find very useful
c-point: Another great software company. I use the Platypus animator to make my final avi's
Windows downloads for Windows Media Player: this has all the latest codecs from Microsoft for their windows media player and you can get the player here too
Apple Quicktime: quicktime (for windows too) to play .Mov, .qt video files : This is where you'll find real player for playing all the .rm, .ra files
CDex Great MP3 encoding software

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