A: Charecter Unit card Class, generic Unit card type and sometimes class.
B: charecter card name phoneticly in katakana, being turned phoneticly into romanji.   Generic unit card Name (usualy is it's class)
C:  unit type.  can be cavalry, ground or archer (when archer, then no D)
D: Attack type (one of 4) Direct, ranged, magic or recovery (some exceptions in series 4)
E: Equipment restriction Level. Equip. for short.
F: What type of weapon can be used and it's highest level (i.e. equipment restrictions)
G units' willpower
H:  for ranged, direct and magic types, then Attack/Counter attack.  for recovery units, then Just recovery. (series 4 has exceptions)
J: attack and recovery range.
I:  additional damage is done to this type.  what the unit's initail weapon is strong against.
K: talents, starting equipment, family, and other notes
L: skills, and in series 4 and Anthology, some talents are here.
M: affiliation's coat of arms (if any)
N:affiliation (if any)
O: starting weapon type
P: symbol for ground, mounted or flying.
Q: officail rominization of the name (charecter cards only)
R: image of unit (mounted units are not always on mounts)
S: Card number and series
T: Rarity, the more stars, the rarer the card is
V: in anthology, the charecter cards have the word artist in katakana followed by the artists name in kanji