Other Stuff For Sale

Various anime, Video Game, Cartoons or random Japanese items
(Note: Model sheets (aka settei) can be found here and animation cels can be found here)
Feel Free to make me offers, the prices listed are tentative (e-mail me at senshi_saturn (at) yahoo (dot) com).  If no price is listed, then just make an offer.
Also, I will eventually make separate pages for them, but I wanted to get them up first.  I will clean them up later.

I have a lot, I just have not had time to put them up.  I have listed a few on e-bay.

Art Books (I will add more later)
Detective Conan (top left) $10, 			Detective Conan movie pamphlets -SOLD		Monkey punch movie pamphlet $4 (top left)
Gundam Seed (top Right) $10, 				Detective Conan movie book $10 (bottom right)	? movie pamphlet $3 (top right)
Detective Conan movie pamphlet (bottom left) $5, 							Clamp no Kiski book only vol 3  $5 (bottom)
Ouji-samam lv 1 -SOLD
Matentai Loki Ragnarok Much ado about nothing HC $20	Neutral (DN angel and others) SOLD	Saiyuki Reloaded  SOLD  (top left)
Matentai Loki Ragnarok TV artbook  $10			Code Geass complete $20			X perfect book $15  (top right)
Tachibana Kaim artbook $15				Soul hunters	SOLD			Kyou Kara Maou research book 2 SOLD (all bottom left)
Tachibana Kaim artbook Nothing $15			Coge Geass fan book $15			Kyou Kara Maou Drama Book (has CD) $20 (all bottom right)
Mahou Tsuaki Tai $20					unknown? $15				
Tenchi Muyo Ryo-oki SOLD				Mixed noise $10	(top right)		
Inu yasha illustrations SOLD				World End SOLD (bottom left)		
Zettai Karen Children SOLD				Romance 3 photo album $2
Slayers DX $10						Pawaputa island $5			SS Special $10  (top left)
Lost universe SOLD	 				unknown	$10				unknown $10 (top right)
Sorcerer Stabber Orphan $10				Love Hina $15				Earthsea $10 (bottom left)
Samurai Deeper Kyo $15					Whipers of the heart? $15		Black Jack SOLD (bottom right)
Angelique HC $20
Prince of Tennis artbook $20
Treasure (Star Ocean) $20

Guide Books

Matentai Loki Ragnarok guide book SOLD (top right)
Saber Marionette J to X guide info book SOLD (bottom left)
La Corda d'oro Primo Passo Guide Book $15 (bottom right)
I may have more, I am still going through my books to figure out what I want to sell.

Manga (japanese) [I will add more]
				 Weiss Keruz West Side B vol 1-5 ($22-set)												
Fushigi Yuugi Genbo (with drama mini CD) SOLD (top)	Tokyo Majin book lot $18 set
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles vol 27 sealed $8 (bottom left)
Hell Girl vol 1 $5 (bottom right)

Manga (English)
I will add them if I don't put them on e-bay

I will add them if I don't put them on e-bay

Novels, Screen plays Story boards and script books (Japanese)
Code Geass novel R2 SOLD (top left)		Story Board Book $10 right			ghost in the Shell Continuity script $10 (right)-ON HOLD
Langrisser novel SOLD (top right)		Eva storyboard book - SOLD left
Code Geass Novel SOLD (bottom left)
Shinning Tears novel SOLD  (bottom right)

CD's and DVD's
to be added later

Trading Cards
    CLAMP in Cardland
Soon, I have to take pictures of them still
    Sailor Moon
    Card Captor Sakura
    Magic Knight Rayearth
    Magi Nation
    Code Geass

Other Stuff
                                        Gundam Wing Material collection (model sheet book) $20 (left)

Sakura Wars (Taisen) Digital art book with CD $10