Settei FAQ
Q: What's the difference between settei, model sheets, model cels, and the like?

A: Settei (short for setting material) are the reference images that animators or mangaka use when they create Animation Cels  (Animation Cels are also called Production Cells), manga and comics.  Manga and Comic artists (Mangaka) also can use Settei for drawing (I've also seen artists use them as references for fanart and cosplay costumes). Most settei used are model sheets (sheets showing different angles of the character's) to help draw them the same each time) and are what most people think of when they hear the word settei.  Shading sheets are model sheets used to get the shading and highlighting of the character correct, where as Color sheets/color charts or actual Model cels (model cels are only when the color 'sheets' are on acetate instead of paper) are used for the exact colors of paints (or digital palate) that are used to color the character.  These are a rare form of settei and can be pricey (the Shugo chara ones I tried to get went for over $100).  Most people use model cel and model sheet interchangeably, which can lead to a lot of confusion.  The rarest form of settei are the studio originals (not to be confused with studio copies, which some people miss-call originals), which would be the original sketches used to produce all the studio copies (these are all hand drawn and are extremely expensive).  Studio sets or studio copies are what are more commonly found, and these are copies made for each animator so that they can correctly draw the characters to be animated.  These are usually A4 in size (though western ones tend to be larger) and may or may not have any colored markings from the studio on them (some may have markings from the animator drawn in, or corrections made and some have a stamp on them).  Most of my settei are studio sets ( I actually have a few hand drawn originals) with a few being copied from the studio sets (with even fewer being copies of a copy with the majority of those being in the cartoon section).  Usually Color sheets/charts and shading sheets are from studio sets, for these rarely get reproduced in color (probably due to the cost of making good color copies), though more of them seem to be showing up in Japan.  Some studio sets are now being made digitally for the animators, with the physical sheets they receive showing slight signs of the digitation.  I have only seen a few series like this, though I am afraid that this will become more common as more studios turn to computers for their animation.  I can check any series for you if you are worried about such things (I believe that most of the Shugo Chara ones are like that, but that is because the studio made a lot of that show digitally).  Character Bibles, or Series Bibles are rare, and are given to the main animators working on a show or movie.  These are a bound collection of sheets that usually include color sheets/charts, along with the regular sheets and tend to have descriptions and other information that the animators might need to create the animated work. I am working on getting my hands on some, but they are very expensive so I may not be able to get any.

Q: Why are some sets listed in burgundy?

A: Any set where I no longer have the physical set due to selling it or trading it away will be in burgundy. This way it is easy to see what sets cannot be rescanned and are only available digitally.

Q: Why are some sets listed in green?

A: Any set that I have received in trade will be listed in green. Most of these have been digital trades, though a few have been physical. If it is in green, then it will not be available to add to the general download area when those goals are hit. only way a green set can be added is if the one who traded it explicitly gives permission for it to be added to that area. Since I do not have the physical set, then these are available as is and cannot be rescanned. These could end up in the donors special area, but will not be publicly available. If someone wants to donate settei for all to download, then I will have to figure out a new color and haw that will work.

Q: Why don't you have these to download, why do I have to pay for them?
A: These cost me a lot of money to get (they are very expensive, not to mention hard to find...I have spent over $10,000 getting these) and a lot of time to put this site together.  You can download the preview pictures if you want them free, but I will not put up any high quality ones free to download unless the site meets its funding goals.  If you would like a copy of them, then I can make you a copy [you are paying for the cost of making a copy, the time spent making the copy and the cost of mailing them to you].  Or you can trade for them if you have settei that I do not have.  I do have most sheets digitally available to purchase.  If we make our donation goals, then some will be available to download.

Q: Do I have to use paypal?

A: I prefer Paypal, for it gives some protection for buyers and sellers.  I can also accept money orders, but they take up to 10 business days to clear.  If you would prefer to pay through a money order, let me know and I'll send you the information you need for that.  If using a Money Order, I prefer the Postal Money Orders, for they are harder to fake.  Cash is sent at your own risk, and I will not be held responsible if it get lost in the mail.  

Q: I want to trade, but I don't have as many sheets to trade as I want to trade for.  How can I still get those other sheets?

A: Depending on how many extra sheets you want, we can work out something to cover the cost of the extra sheets.  This will be figured out on a case by case basis, so please ask me in an e-mail if this is the route you would like to take.

Q: I want to trade, but I haven't done business with you. how will this work?

A: If I initiate the trade, then I will send first. If you initiate the trade, then you send first. For large trades, I would prefer to break the trade into smaller trades, to make sure everyone involved is satisfied with the trade(s).

Also, unless agreed to otherwise, all digital trades should be scanned in at 100% size, 600DPI and saved in a lossless format (png, tiff, bmp, etc). Note that anything I have sold cannot be re-scanned, so it is stuck at it's current quality (and will be mentioned on it's page)

I will rescan any series I still have if requested.

Q: I want a series that you do not have.  Can you get that series for me?

A:   I can look for it, but I may not get it if the price is too high.  If it's a series that I'm interested in acquiring, then the price limit is much higher.  If you request a series that I do not have and I am not interested in , then I may offer the studio set for sale as well if I end up acquiring it and the one who requested it does not want it.  
If you really want a series that I do not have, I am not interested in it, and the price is too high yet you still want it, then I could get it for you, but you would have to pay me in advance to get it.  These sets are bought mostly on auction, so the price can be low or really high depending on how popular it is.  If you pay for the whole price of the auction (plus the shipping from Japan), then I will mail you the studio set, not a copy of it.  If you only cover some of the cost of getting it, then you will get a copy of the set, unless you wanted to cover the whole cost after I get it, then I would send you the studio set.  I cannot guarantee that I can get any series for you (nor what characters will be in it), and if it turns out that I could not get you the series, then I would give you a full refund.  Otherwise, all sales are final. Note that it can cost a lot to mail a very large set ($50+) and I will not know the actual cost until is ships.

Q: I want to purchase some digitally. How do I go about ordering it and how much will it cost?

A: for just a few sheets, I can do this pretty fast. For larger orders, please make sure that the request status is not limited.
For any order, please add 3% + .30 for each transaction to cover paypal fees unless you spend more than $50.
Currently, each non-color sheet is $0.25/sheet and color are $0.50/sheet. If funding does well, then I will add a goal to offset some of this cost. Also note that if you pay more than the stated cost for the sheets you want, I will count that order as a donation.

Q: I want to purchase some physically. How do I go about ordering it and how much will it cost?

A: While I work on getting the page back up, this will be closed. I will reopen it at some point in the future.
For any order, please add 3% + .30 for each transaction to cover paypal fees unless you spend more than $50.
Currently, each non-color sheet is $0.50/sheet and color are $0.75/sheet. If funding does well, then I will add a goal to offset some of this cost. Shipping will be calculated based on the weight of the sheets. I cannot change shipping costs as they will only be what shipping actually costs (shipping + tracking + insurance if available). (about 180 sheets can fit in a legal flat rate priority mail envelope, can fit close to 800 sheets in a medium flat rate box [weighs more than 10lbs when full], and may be able to fit more in a large flat rate box, but have no checked that yet). Also note that if you pay more than the stated cost for the physical sheets you want, then only the extra amount will count as a donation.

Q: how can I be sure you are credible?

A: I can always place it on e-bay if paypal is not safe enough for you. Just note that I have to add extra to the cost to cover e-bay's fees(~7-10% extra) and that someone else could out-bid you. See my E-bay auctions are here and you can see my high positive feedback rating