Settei Purchasing Costs and Rules
You can either get all the settei from a set or series, or you can mix and match (excluding Darkwing Duck first gen.) by the individual sheets that you want.  
For the whole series, the cost is listed next to each one.  Some are broken into sections, with costs listed if bought as separate sets or as a whole series (series is always cheaper)
For individual sheets, the cost is $0.40/page (A4, Letter and Legal sizes). If they are oversized pages then they are based on the size of the sheet that needs to be copied (usually $1-$2) .
                Note: for orders under 10 sheets, I will still have to charge $0.50/page due to the paypal fees. Money orders will bypass this sheet minimum.
For individual color pages are $0.75/page (more if oversized) 
                Note: for orders under 5 sheets, I will still have to charge $1/page due to the paypal fees. Money orders will bypass this sheet minimum.
If 500 sheets are ordered, then the maximum cost is $300, regardless of what is ordered (does not include downloads, any series over 500 sheets, or oversized sheets). So every 500 sheets at most adds $300 (unless excluded as mentioned before), meaning that at 1000 sheets, the max price is $600 and so on.  This is applied in groups of 500 only and any that exceed this will be accounted for normally.
For large international orders or for those who would rather not pay shipping - digital price $0.30/b&w page and $0.60/color page.   I do not recommend this for any color sheets, for they do not print out nice like the back and white ones do.  It is also recommend to print the sheets out on A4 appear unless they are stated to come from a different size so as to not distort the images.
Note: For any series/set title in Burgundy, the Studio set is for sale or has been sold.  I can only sell the a copy of the studio set digitally if it has been sold.

Shipping Options:

Domestic Shipping will be through the USPS for any US purchase via Priority Mail (ranges from about $6~$18, but I can fit around 180 sheets of A4 or Letter sized paper in a flat rate Legal size envelope and I can fit close to 800 sheets in a medium flat rate box (weighs almost 10lbs with 800 sheets, so be careful)).   If more than 800 sheets, then I will have to see if they fit in a large flat rate box or if they have to be mailed in more than one box.   I can insure any order in the US and I suggest getting delivery confirmation so that it can be tracked.  I can mail them through Express Mail, though it will cost more (flat rate envelope holds around 180 sheets).
International Shipping (outside the US) will use International Priority Mail or Express Mail International. I usually use the Priority flat rate boxes to save on shipping (I can mail then through Express Mail International if desired, but it is a lot more expensive, though it always has insurance and the flat rate envelope can hold around 180 or so sheets).   For international orders, the customs number tends to be the only tracking option...(.which doesn't help that much) I can send it registered mail, but that's $12 on top of the shipping fees.... 
Please e-mail me for all shipping costs prior to sending any payment!  Please state in your e-mail your zip code (or country if outside the US), and which settei set(s)/sheet(s) that you want.  I will e-mail you with the approximate shipping costs when a request is made for the sheets, and payment is through Paypal or through money orders (postal ones preferred).   

          If you are worried about my credibility, I can always place it on E-bay for you, but that will raise the price by 10% to cover the fees. (See my E-bay auctions here)  I have over 3500unique Positive feedback! 

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