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Welcome to my dragon and anime Homepage!

Under Revision!

Sorry for the long wait for an update!

OK the updates: I added more to the Fire Emblem pages. My scanner is dying, so I am going to be hosting 'fund raising' for a new scanner. I am also working on making an update page (and working on a new design for this page).

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P.S this page was last updated on April 15, 2008.

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In Loving Memory: Andy September 21 1986 - April 10 2006 my warning to all of you is if you are going to be using open flames, put the accelerant on before hand, not after and be sure to keep the accelerant far from the flames (the fumes are the most explosive!). I just don't want anyone to go through what my family and I have.
My RPG books This is the list of what RPG books I own. plus the character sheets I'm working on
My artwork This is where I'll post my fanart, and my own original artwork. I will also take commissions.
Fire Emblem Trading CardsThe scans of all the Fire emblem cards I have plus the cards I have for sale.
Card Captor Sakura - pictures (plus the 82 images that I scanned in of the Clowcard box set). NOW The Sakura tarot card set too! (58 images)
Kamakaze Kaitou Jeanne Gallery ? images
Coloring pages back up! with more to come
Tranasparent gif Gallery currently unavailable
Dragons and their Evolution this is my dragon info page. (in progress - I have to reconstruct it, for the original was lost. If anyone has a copy of it, please let me know!!)
My KISS dolls -fixed!
My Cel Collection These are NOT for sale. - NOTE: not all of my cels fit here, but I've put up what I can. I'll soon be putting some up on photobucket. I will also soon have a sales page ^-^
Artbooks: these are the art books that I own (working on putting up the scans). These are NOT for sale unless specifically noted
Anime Clips My Music Videos and a few Fire Emblem FMV clips.
Anime on CD yes my list of over 1000 CD's of anime, and I accept trades!

I'm working slowly at improving the page, and I'm open to any sugestions.


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all Sailor Moon material is copyrighted by Takeuchi Naoko, Magic Knights Rayearth and Card Captor Sakura is copyrighted by Clamp, Fire Emblem by Intelligent systems and Nintendo The others are also copyrighted by other parties, but I still have to find out all the details.
This page was created in '98, the BSSM gallery was created in '98 but remodeled in '99, the CCS was created in march 2000, the KKJ gallery was created in September 2000, the YST gallery was created in '99, but redone in 2000, the transparent gif gallery in spring 2000. The Fire Emblem page was created in 2004 (I think). I can't remember the times for the other pages.


HopeHaven Weyr The off-line Weyr that I'm part of.
Otaku World KISS doll's(aka Paper doll's for your computer), Desktop themes and more, a really grate site! Plus other anime stuff!
Ultimate Ronin Warrior Web site This is Dawn-Chan's site. It has a lot of stuff form the Samuria Troopers/ Ronin Warriors TV and OAV seires.
Studio Cranium The creators of Tinker's Damn (I highly requmend this anime based RPG!!)
Wizards of the Coast The peploe who brought you great games like Magic the Gathering, D&D, Dragon Dice and more.
Guardians of the Order Another Great RPG creator (though I prefer pladium, D&D and TD first), and what's better, these sorce books are not only for gamming, but for refrence on the varous anime they represent.
White WolfOK so I play multipul RPGs, but I like the d10 system and teh d20 system.
Serenes Forest Fire Emblem info and picture site
Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi scanlation project manga based on FE 6
Enchantment Scans Great scanlation group
Sailor Moon SD this is a site that I've aquired some SD pictures from.
Super Deformed Sailor Moon Pix another site that I picked up some sd pictures from (and then I cut them out).
Kat's Story Page A great Story site!!
Ryo 2000 Ryo for president (from Samurai Troopers). very amusing website.
Ryo 2004 Ryo for president (from Samurai Troopers). very amusing website.
Pocket Bishonen Thanks to Dawn-chans site, I now love this one ^-^
Pocket Bishojo Thanks to Dawn-chans site, I now love this one ^-^
Crossover CornerLots of cross over fan fiction!!!!
Cherry Blossomsa great Card Captor Sakura site
The Cherry blossom Festivalanother great Card Captor Sakura site
Bianca's Sailor Moon Gallery Great pictures!
The Anime Archive A lot of pictures on this site!
Anime Music Videos
Lycentia's SM Graphics shop
Fire Emblem land Has the Fire Emblem 4 tardaing card pictures here!! (I finaly got my hands on some!!)
Nether Realm Samurai Trooper Info site
Pwyller's Non-sports Trading Card Resourcescard collectors can learn about cards, buy or sell cards, post or read reviews and articles, and promote their card sites.

Ani-chan's cel gallery

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